From our experience, we know that every couple is unique. That’s why we like to have a first contact to get to know each couple’s tastes and expectations, in order to personalize each of the proposals we offer.

We have a qualified team with a great track record in events who will provide you with exclusive treatment, advise you, and take care of every detail to exceed your expectations.

We understand that it’s a day full of emotions, so we try to adapt to shape your ideas and make your day as close as possible to what you imagine.

We also have many trusted vendors who will assist you with music, floral arrangements, special furniture, children’s entertainment, and more.


Time to welcome the guests

We offer two different welcomes: Pink & Sparkling

Live Cocktail

Our goal is to please all attendees, so we offer the possibility to choose different appetizers from categories such as hot, cold, vegetarian, and vegan


Cold Appetizers

Perfect for any occasion

Warm Appetizers

Prepared and made just moments before serving

Vegetarian and Vegan Appetizers

Carefully prepared for the most exquisite palates

Food stations

The stations are themed tables prepared with different types of products that attendees can enjoy at the event

The Ham Corner

Our ham is 100% Iberian from Covap, D.O. Los Pedroches

The Cheese Station

Indulge yourself with the different textures and denominations of origin of cheeses, accompanied by country bread, jam, oil, quince paste, and fresh fruit.

La Torraeta

Includes our famous grilled chicken skewers and multicolored vegetable skewers, mini sirloin burgers with cheese sauce, criolla toast with Argentine sauce, bacon and “allioli” on country bread, and mini figatell burgers with caramelized onions and mustard

La Barraqueta

The most typical tastings of the area in Valencian style. Choose from Valencian paella, boletus mushroom and duck confit fideuà, arroz del senyoret or Gandía fideuà (among others)

Lolin's Croqueteria

For fans of croquettes, we have the perfect station with an assortment of croquettes of various flavors

The Octopus Station

This station delights attendees with a grilled octopus showcooking

The Sushi Buffet

Assortment of uramaki, futomaki, and hosomaki sushi pieces prepared in the purest Oriental style

*Vegan option available

At table

It’s time for a change of scenery, leaving the cocktail behind and making way for the main menu.

The menu includes beer, water and various soft drinks, to eat. Brut Nature and Cider to toast.


Refreshing moment

Main course:
meat or fish

Desserts and Cakes

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