5 catering trends for weddings in 2023

Wedding catering is a very important aspect that the couple should take into account when planning their big day. From appetizers to the full banquet, the menu chosen can greatly influence the overall experience of the guests. For 2023, there are some emerging trends in the world of wedding catering that are quickly gaining popularity.

  1. Custom menus

One of the hottest trends in wedding catering in 2023 is menu personalization. The bride and groom are choosing to create menus that reflect their personal tastes, as well as the preferences of their guests. Personalized menus allow the bride and groom to have more control over the food served, which can be especially helpful if there are guests with allergies or dietary restrictions.

2. Themed cocktail bars

Another trend that is gaining traction in wedding catering is the creation of themed cocktail bars. Instead of just offering a generic drinks bar, the bride and groom are choosing to offer drinks that fit a specific wedding theme. For example, a beach wedding might have a tropical cocktail bar, while a movie-themed wedding might have drinks inspired by famous movies.

3. Vegetarian and vegan dishes

Increasingly, the bride and groom are including vegetarian and vegan options in their wedding menus. With more people adopting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, it is important to offer options for all tastes and food preferences. Wedding caterers are creating tasty and creative vegetarian and vegan dishes to please all the guests.

4. Interactive buffets

Interactive buffets are a 2023 wedding catering trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. Instead of simply offering pre-made dishes, the bride and groom are opting for buffets where guests can interact with the food and create their own custom combinations. This is not only fun for the guests, but also allows them to customize their meals to suit their tastes.

5. Locally sourced and sustainable food

More and more couples are concerned about the environment and are looking for sustainable options for their wedding. In this sense, the catering trend for weddings in 2023 is to offer dishes made with locally sourced and sustainable food. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the wedding, but can also be a way to support local farmers and growers.

Catering in 2023 focuses on personalization, creativity and sustainability. The bride and groom are opting for personalized menus, themed cocktail bars, vegetarian and vegan dishes, interactive buffets, and locally sourced and sustainable food. By choosing a wedding caterer that fits these trends, the bride and groom can ensure that their big day is an unforgettable experience for all their guests.

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